No Choices

by Barbie and the Hookers

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Recorded @ Birdcage Studios in Pico Rivera, CA


No choices

The final decision, ready for war
People in power aren't worried about the poor
Civilians are protesting, out on the streets
Officials dont care, its profits they seek

Ch: (x4)
War is money, it's driven by greed

It's hard to keep up, running on your knees
Slaving away, I'll never be free

(repeat chorus)

No choices-Violence in the streets
No choices-There's famine, no relief
No choices-Death is in the air
No choices-Hopeless life's not fair


Members on this recording:

Vox: The Chief!
Drums: Big Mike
Bass: Raskal
Guitar: Orgyboy!



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Barbie and the Hookers Los Angeles, California

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